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  Process of

Process of Qualifications Assessment 

HKCAAVQ provides assessment services for the general public, organizations, and government bureaux/departments on qualifications awarded by granting bodies outside Hong Kong.  HKCAAVQ offers a professional opinion on whether the totality of the educational qualifications (i.e. the integrated learning outcomes of the highest qualification including those learning outcomes achieved through learning deemed to have a substantial bearing on the qualification under assessment) of an individual meets the standard of a particular qualification in Hong Kong.


Before preparing and submitting an application, kindly note that we cannot assess the following:

  1. Qualifications that are incomplete/ not recognised as part of the home country's national education system;
  2. Qualifications with insufficient volume of study, e.g. less than one-year full-time study;
  3. Qualifications with an abnormal amount of credit transfer/exemption (e.g. 90%) from unaccredited learning;
  4. Qualifications taken in Mainland China during the Cultural Revolution Period (i.e. 1966-1976);
  5. Memberships of professional/licensing bodies;
  6. Working experience.

Qualifications listed in Hong Kong’s Qualifications Register are quality assured, recognised under Hong Kong Qualifications Framework (HKQF) and thus considered as locally recognised qualifications; hence, the Qualifications Assessment service will not assess these qualifications against the HKQF.

Stages to Qualifications Assessment (QA)

Stages to QA



Before filling in the application form, you should read the Guidance Notes for Application and at least scan the following documents:

  1. ID card or passport;
  2. Graduation certificate(s);
  3. Official final transcript(s);
  4. Documentary proof(s) of supervised teaching practice(s) (Only for the purpose of teacher registration or teacher appointment) (See Point 10 of Guidance Notes for Application and Samples of Teaching Practice Proof for the requirements of supervised teaching practice proof.)
  5. Syllabus showing the content and course hours of each subject of your pre-primary teacher training programme (Only for applicants who wish to assess qualifications in relation to pre-primary teacher training)
  6. Signed Application Form for Subsidy for Persons Holding Non-local Qualifications to Conduct Qualifications Assessment (SNQQA) (Only for SNQQA scheme applicants)
  7. Evidence of subsidy scheme approval (Only for SNQQA scheme applicants)

If you reside overseas, you should prepare certified true copies for the documents mentioned in above. Certified true copies must be certified by a notary office, a law firm, the relevant granting body/bodies or consulate.

You can pay the assessment fee by credit card in QA i-Portal. You can also choose to send a crossed cheque, original bank deposit slip or telegraphic transfer evidence by mail to us.

Assessment Fee

Purpose of Assessment Assessment Fee
General Purpose HK$3,065
For Teacher Registration or Teacher Appointment  HK$3,380
For Quality Migrant Admission Scheme (QMAS)

HK$3,640 / US$475

(Registered Post Charges Included)

(The assessment fee is subject to change without prior notice.)



The basic steps of using the QA i-Portal are as follows:

  1. Create an account
  2. Click the verification email sent to your email account
  3. Login to QA i-Portal
  4. Create new application
  5. Fill in information
  6. Upload documents
  7. Pay assessment fee
  8. Submit Application

If you reside overseas, you need to send certified true copies of all documents by post to us after filling in online application form in QA i-Portal.

If you encounter problems in uploading documents, you can choose to send the documents to us by post after filling in the application form in QA i-Portal.



Upon receiving your application, HKCAAVQ will check the application thoroughly. Normally, we will send you email around 7 working days informing you if any further document is required; please check your email, including your junk mailbox, regularly. If you do not receive email after 10 working days, you may contact us at

We will only start assessing your qualification(s) once all required documents are received.  The assessment will normally take 15 working days starting from the next working day of the acknowledgement.  However, if further information or research is required during the assessment process, you are required to provide further information if necessary and the assessment process may take longer. We reserve the right to terminate the application if the required information/certification and/or documentary evidence cannot be provided by the applicant or obtained from relevant bodies after a period of 2 months.

You can find our key reference points and assessment criteria in Guidance Notes for Application.



We will contact you once the assessment is completed via email (or the telephone).

Unless you have sent us certified true copies of all documents, you might be required to go to our office to show us the originals of all documents when you collect your Report for Qualifications Assessment.

If you are not required to show us the originals of all documents, we will send the Report for Qualifications Assessment to you by post.



Under the Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications Ordinance (Cap 1150), an individual who is aggrieved by the determination made by HKCAAVQ on his/her qualifications assessment may apply to the Council for a review.  All applications for review must be made on the Application Form for Review of Qualifications Assessment (the Form) and within 30 days of the receipt of the Report for Qualifications Assessment by the individual. The fee schedule for review is listed at the last page of the Form, and the procedures and payment method are listed in the Guidance Notes at the front of the Form.  Original payment evidence of the review fee must be submitted together with the application.  Otherwise the review mechanism will not be initiated. 

  • Application Form for Review of Qualifications Assessment | PDF